Feeding your newborn baby can be so much fun! But it sadly can also be kind of awkward with so much to oversee.

Whether you are feeding your child by breastfeeding or baby formula, you will need support while you make sure your child is getting its proper nutrients to grow healthy and strong. In other words, there’s a few tools you are going to need to get.

Some of these tools are obvious, like bibs and baby bottles for your baby. There’s also a burping cloth for both of you. But there are others you may not realize that are important in the feeding process. But that’s why this blog is here :-)

The good news is, you are not going to need a lot when it comes to early months of feeding your little one. The downside is that they are essential to feeding your baby. So, let’s take a look at six items you are definitely going to need - three for breastfeeding, three for bottle feeding - so you will know what to get and why.

If you will be able to breastfeed your newborn, you may already have bought nursing bras, a breast pump, and even clothes to make breastfeeding easy. That’s good! Now, here are three more items you are going to need.

Firstly, get some nipple creams or ointments. If this will be your first-time breastfeeding, you’re going to find your nipples will not adjust to the baby sucking from them very well. They likely will end up sore and cracked, especially during the first several times of breastfeeding your baby. It will be best to buy nipple cream or ointment just before you give birth so your nipples will be treated right after you first breastfeed.

Then there are the nursing pads, an item meant to absorb any leakage that is common for many new mothers. These pads go inside your bra and will prevent any embarrassing leakages, such as - eek! - in public. Better yet, the shirt and bra you will be wearing at the time is less likely to get messy.

And finally, the storage containers. Yes, they make these for mother's milk! If you plan on using a pump, this is a great chance to store your milk and even freeze it for future use. And the latest containers on the market are perfect for freezing and thawing. You can also choose between plastic or glass, handwashing or putting these containers in your dishwasher (if you have one).


If you choose to bottle feed by using breastmilk or formula, that is perfectly fine, and you have our support! We also highly suggest you make sure to buy necessary tools to help the bottle feeding go smoothly for both you and your newborn.

On that list should be a bottle brush, especially if you do not have a dishwasher at home. This is because rinsing the bottle after each use will not be enough. Germs can spread easily if the bottle - along with the nipple, caps, valves, etc. - are not thoroughly cleaned each time you feed your baby. You will also need to clean the brush itself after each use with soap and water to further prevent any germs from going around.

Also, get your baby a bottle warmer. It will be so helpful to have one so the formula or breastmilk will be all warmed up during feeds in the middle of the night. No need to warm anything up while your newborn cries and running the bottle over hot water won’t warm it up satisfyingly enough. Also, microwaving the milk or formula may not be so efficient, or it will come out too hot for the little one.

Finally, if you are going to use formula to feed your newborn, get some formula dispenser. This way, you can simply add warm water every time your baby needs feeding. Even more so, a dispenser is perfect for being on the go, such as being at the park, shopping, visiting family and friends. You might just find this tool a major blessing.

However way you want to feed your newborn is entirely up to you. But it is always best to make sure you have everything you need before you bring your child into the world, so you can get ready to feed him or her.

But to be honest, if this is your first baby, and you miss a few important steps, have no worry. This is your first baby, and your first time feeding a child that is truly your own. Hopefully, this post has been of some help as we at Your Baby's Needs seeks to do so.